The Pink Thereafter


Sea-kissed mornings brimming with ballooning reflections magnify a twisted sanguine complexion; enhanced scars exhibiting years of climatic change peek shyly from beneath the shedding layers. Whispering, a soft breeze dances to the repetitive songs of the chickadee—black caps waltzing in perfect unison.   “Private” markers adorning man-made perfection heighten loneliness within; as oily straitjackets confining pages of imagination— lay dripping.  Abandoned, a mechanical tail sways jerkily from beneath the window sill; yearning eyes scan the horizon— broken lungs burning with desire.   Pink ribbons clutching breastless hearts—race for a cure.

What mysteries lay behind the guarded gates, as an angel sits—peacefully waiting?

© Angela Trumble 2012 A Literary Artist’s Music

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