The Lost Song

The language of unsaying

captivates the soul—

secret codes and phrases

bound in nature’s scroll.


Convoluted messages

elude the human mind.

Beginningless—it ends,

lost to all mankind.


© Angela Trumble 2012 A Literary Artist’s Music

15 thoughts on “THE LOST SONG

  1. You know your pictures have a way of beautifying your poems in ways I can’t explain…I had to come back here and I am glad I did….good verse with photos
    would catch anyone any day…Still liking them notes! Real literary music!!

  2. Thank you Angie! I am glad to have connected with you – your poetry delights me. Brevity, depth, zen and beauty… I have been browsing about, and I think this one is my favorite (at least so far).

    The song of Nature indeed eludes the human mind, but is clear to the soul 🙂

    Peace and love ~ Ben

    • Thank you, Ben. Happy to have you visit my little piece of cyberspace. 🙂
      This is one of my favourites, as well !
      Best Wishes

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