In Cospicuous

Inkless passages

inscribed in earthen parchment.

A vanishing timeline!


© Angela Trumble 2012 A Literary Artist’s Music

16 thoughts on “IN CONSPICUOUS

  1. Wow, I saw this in my reading list and was drawn to it. So much meaning in so few words about a fractal in nature. Loved the title too, I like seeing words used in that way. Well done! Thank you ….

  2. “Earthen parchment” pages hold more truth than the man-made ones, don’t they? Wonderfully inspiring photo and haiku here! So much truth contained in such a small space! LIke grandfathersky, I adore the word in the title “cospicuous”.

  3. Dear Angela,

    This is marvellous

    “inkless” – like spoken words and thoughts
    “earthen” – ever changing, temporal

    Then you conclude beautifully – “vanishing timeline”

    I shall dwell on these words to extract more…

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