Shaping Creation

Shaping Creation

Knitting in the round,

intricate shapes


nature’s doilies.


Nurturing hands,


like air-washed glass


timeless determination.


Stitching day to night,

darkened figures

nod seamlessly


interchangeable designs.


Spirited exhaustion

springs awake-

a new day’s



© Angela Trumble 2012 A Literary Artist’s Music

7 thoughts on “SHAPING CREATION

    • Thank you, Tricia. This poem fell from my hand this morning so finding a pic was a bit of a chore.
      Happy you enjoyed it! 🙂

  1. Oh, Angela–this post so beautifully reminds me of the hands of my own grandmothers as they knitted and crocheted and sewed for the family. Thank you.

    • You are quite welcome, granbee. These are the hands of love – my mother ! She is 82 and will always be the brightest star in my world. So happy you enjoyed this ! 🙂

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