~7 X 7 Link Award~

Thank you, Eric Alagan  http://ericalaganfanclub.wordpress.com/  for nominating my efforts for this  7 x 7 Link Award.

(January 2012)

The rules to accept this award are:

  1. Share something about me that no one (in the blogging community) knows…

             I am from Welsh descent and had the honor of spending a month in this beautiful country.

  1. Link up to 7 posts of mine that I feel worthy:

(i) Grains of Sorrow > http://wp.me/p20o3x-3A

(ii) Alone > http://wp.me/s20o3x-alone

(iii) Forsaken >http://wp.me/s20o3x-forsaken

(iv) My Daughter> http://wp.me/p20o3x-5Y

(v) The Pink Thereafter > http://wp.me/p20o3x-64

(vi) Darkness before Dawn > http://wp.me/p20o3x-50

(vii) A Christmas Star > http://wp.me/p20o3x-43

3. Nominate 7 bloggers for this award and inform them (with pleasure):

(1) James Brandon O’Shea > http://jamesboshea.wordpress.com/

(2) Jessie Jeanine > http://jessiejeanine.com/

(3) The Baldwin Poet>http://thebaldwinpoet.wordpress.com/

(4) Benjamin Norris >http://aviewfromacarpark.wordpress.com/

(5) David Francis Barker Poetry > http://francisbarkerart.com/

(6) Autumn Sunshine > http://autumnsunshineandgabrielleangel.wordpress.com/

(7) Scraps of Madness > http://victoriaporter.wordpress.com/

Everyone is free to accept or decline this award. If you accept, feel free to take your time to pass it on – no stress – simply follow the 3 steps above.

Happy Blogging into 2012   

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