Unspoken promises

veiled in fragrant hues.

A blushing valentine!


© Angela Trumble 2012 A Literary Artist’s Music



My Daughter

An angel sent from heaven—

a gift eternally.

A child’s birth so graven,

one never could foresee.


The blooming of a larkspur—

devoted to this day,

became my angel’s flower,

a buttercup—per say.


A twinkling crimson jewel,

as brilliant as her eyes.

Would represent this moment,

the twelfth day of July.


The halo that surrounds her,

shines brightly on my soul.

A brother’s love from heaven,

protects her even more.


Her wings of love caress me,

and fill my heart with glee.

I hold each moment closely,

wondering what is yet to be.


Spread your wings my darling,

have faith in all that’s you.

Remember me beside you,

in everything you do.

© Angela Trumble 2012 A Literary Artist’s Music



If I had to write a message-

a note within the sand,

to apologize in the future,

for all who raped this land.


I would search to find an Ocean

and scrape back all the years,

of human waste and progress

beneath a stream of tears.


I would start with “Please Forgive Me”,

I thought I was in need.

Yet all of these possessions,

were simply out of Greed.


I never meant to hurt you;

my thoughts of things and fun,

were simply more exciting

than the beauty of our sun.


The forest broken and battered,

with decomposing limbs.

A holocaust of nature –

the future’s brightness dims.


The land now dry and stark,

lay withered like a corpse.

Stripped of all its beauty,

the light now turns to dark.


How can I say “I’m Sorry”,

for killing life within ?

The innocence of nature,

was taken once again.


© Angela Trumble 2011 A Literary Artist’s Music All Rights Reserved