In Cospicuous

Inkless passages

inscribed in earthen parchment.

A vanishing timeline!


© Angela Trumble 2012 A Literary Artist’s Music



The Lost Song

The language of unsaying

captivates the soul—

secret codes and phrases

bound in nature’s scroll.


Convoluted messages

elude the human mind.

Beginningless—it ends,

lost to all mankind.


© Angela Trumble 2012 A Literary Artist’s Music



If I had to write a message-

a note within the sand,

to apologize in the future,

for all who raped this land.


I would search to find an Ocean

and scrape back all the years,

of human waste and progress

beneath a stream of tears.


I would start with “Please Forgive Me”,

I thought I was in need.

Yet all of these possessions,

were simply out of Greed.


I never meant to hurt you;

my thoughts of things and fun,

were simply more exciting

than the beauty of our sun.


The forest broken and battered,

with decomposing limbs.

A holocaust of nature –

the future’s brightness dims.


The land now dry and stark,

lay withered like a corpse.

Stripped of all its beauty,

the light now turns to dark.


How can I say “I’m Sorry”,

for killing life within ?

The innocence of nature,

was taken once again.


© Angela Trumble 2011 A Literary Artist’s Music All Rights Reserved