Outcast Within

Bleeding away forced confessions

And unheard truths

With strabismus eyes

I see Clarity

Dressed in slits from

Morning’s curtain


Devoured by the bitter groans

Of darkness fed despair

I watch the serfs

Tortuous and mind washed

Stone the window


Branding Tears upon my heart

Secreted away

A moat of hope



©Angela Trumble 2012 A Literary Artist’s Music

13 thoughts on “OUTCAST WITHIN

    • Thank you for the lovely comment. It has given me the opportunity to explore your world. 🙂
      Best Wishes,

      • You have such a lovely face; I thought I saw a fabulous story hidden in your eyes! I was right!

  1. Thank you, kzackuslheureux. I think we all have a fabulous story; we just have to find our own way of telling it. Yours is very inspiring-looking forward to reading more! 🙂

  2. “…Of darkness fed despair…Stone the window…”

    Dear Angela, one of the pleasures of reading you is, the uniqueness of your presentations such as the phrases above. Now, this is creativity, I reckon 🙂

    • Thankyou, Anne. I am very excited you dropped in. You have an incredible blog that is full of inspiration. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

      Best Wishes

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